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Saigon Outcast

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Saigon Outcast

located within Saigon Outcast, an event space holding a full restaurant and bar.

On any weekend, you’re likely to find live music, a farmers market, or some kind of festival. Oh yeah, there’s also a mini ramp for skateboarding!

It started back in 2012 with a unique vision to transform an open area into a chill spot for the neighbourhood. Three shipping containers quickly turned into the expansion of a kitchen, bar and more seating for the overwhelming number of patrons. Now, as an iconic events venue in District 2 of Ho Chi Minh City, we aim to host the greatest food and craft beer festivals, alternative conferences and music concerts in the Thao Dien community!

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Saigon Outcast

Saigon OUTCAST is the venue for the weird, bold and beautiful people of the world with a focus on delivering events that bring the community together to enjoy food, beers and everything in-between.



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Tuesday-Sunday: 10am to 10pm; Monday: Closed
188/1 Nguyen Van Huong, Thao Dien District 2, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
+84 93 18 51 911