Healthy snacksHardy Granola Bar | The Original / Choco-Mango

Hardy Granola Bar | The Original / Choco-Mango




Hardy Granola Bar

“All Natural, No Added Sugar” – Hardy Bars use only natural ingredients and preservatives. Have a look at the ingredient list and you’ll see just how simple and natural they are.

Hardy Granola BarThe Original – Packed with goodness like Rolled Oats, Walnuts, Almonds and Raisins along with boosters like Peanut Butter and Honey, Hardy Bars bars will give you a natural boost of energy, and most of all, make you feel Hardy!

Hardy Granola BarChoco Mango – Cashew Butter, Soft Dried Mango, Cacao Powder and Cashew Bits along with our classics like Rolled Oats and Brown Rice, with a touch of Pink Himalayan Salt. Sinfully healthy – – almost a brownie, yet still in all natural boost of energy that will make you feel Hardy!

Hardy Bars are 60 grams each, weighing more than most granola bars while costing less, imported or otherwise, and are designed to be a meal replacement, pre or post workout/exercise compliment or just the boost you need on the go.
Stay Healthy, Stay Hardy! Hardy Bars are guilt-free by being naturally sweetened by the honey used and go great on their own but can also be used in smoothies or enjoyed with fruit, yogurt or jam and taste great warm or cold!

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